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Finance as a Service for Startups and Scaleups

Providing the Financial and Strategic Insights to Unleash your Potential

Strategic Finance

Your partner in refining your business plan, strategically planning your cash flows, understanding your main metrics and exploring optimal growth initiatives.

Fractional CFO

Serving as the financial compass for the organization by driving financial strategy, mitigating risks, and ensuring sustainable growth.

Financial Modelling and Valuations

We are experts at creating driver-based financial models and ascertaining the true worth of your business for growth and investment opportunities.

Transaction Support

We help you plan and navigate key transactions such as capital raises and M&A processes.

Customizable Finance as a Service Solutions to give you Exactly What You Need

Clarify the path to growth and milestone achievement

We understand the foundations of building a prosperous business strategy and the art of translating it into an actionable, data-backed financial plan. We can fine-tune your operations to reach set milestones. Our origins sitting in the investor seat and advising on multiple capital raising and M&A transactions equips us with the expertise to plan and support the execution of value-enhancing transactions. We've also spearheaded financial teams of high-growth firms, mastering the craft of achieving goals. In essence, we're your quintessential partners in finance and strategy.

  • Operating and Financial Dashboard
    A real-time, visual overview that keeps you informed about your business health, acting like your financial pulse-check.
  • Business Strategy, Budgeting and Forecasting
    Your business roadmap to success, helping you establish goals, design your financial blueprint, and make data-driven predictions about future performance.
  • Capital Raise Preparation
    We shape your business narrative and prepare your financial information proactively, while guiding you to identify your optimal capital providers, empowering you to seize opportunities with confidence.
  • Three-Statement Financial Modeling and Valuations
    We create detailed, driver-based financial models to offer a comprehensive view of your financial health. When needed, we provide you with an accurate business valuation to help you understand your position in the market.
  • Regular Performance Updates and Plan Refinement
    Frequent check-ins to evaluate performance and make ongoing tactical adjustments, because flexibility and continuous refinement are key to business growth.
  • Strategic and Financial Analysis
    We examine varied scenarios, providing insights to help assess options and inspire action towards achieving your business goals.
  • Board & Investor Relations Support
    We assist in creating persuasive presentations that effectively communicate your business's potential to stakeholders and investors, ensuring you make an impact.

Hit your revenue growth, profitability and cash flow milestones

Clarity on your past and current performance, main metrics and KPIs, and areas of your business you need to allocate resources to hit your targets.

Board and Investor Satisfaction

Comprehensive updates on your milestones, supplemented by clear communication of data-driven strategies that seamlessly align with your financial projections.

Capital Raise and M&A Transactions Successfully Closed

Design of optimal fundraising and M&A strategies, while supporting the meticulous execution of these pivotal transactions.

What we Achieve for your Business

Who We Serve

Professional Services

Leveraging critical metrics like utilization rates and profit margins, along with insights into striking the right balance between pricing and service quality, we assist in crafting strategic financial plans that enable your firm to flourish in a competitive market landscape.


With our comprehensive knowledge of the recurring revenue model, SaaS-specific metrics and market expectations, we support you in setting your growth goals and building financial strategies that help you achieve them.


At Finsights, we understand the criticality of precise, reliable, and timely information for decision making. We provide comprehensive solutions that equip you with clear insights into portfolio company as well as potential investments' financial health and risks. 

Online Marketplaces

With multi-sided revenue streams, network effects and scaling strategies, a firm grasp of key metrics and growth dynamics is essential in crafting a clear financial strategy. We plan around the realities of your business and enable you to maximize the potential of your marketplace model.


We support digital-native and omnichannel retail leaders to define and achieve their milestones. Our comprehensive approach dives deep into supply chains, strategic marketing, inventory lifecycle management, and the effective application of dynamic pricing and user acquisition models.

At Finsights, we offer unmatched Strategic Finance solutions that drive business growth and improve performance. We bring an impressive range of experiences, including: private equity, investment banking, internal finance and strategy, and CFO advisory.

For more than a decade, we've tailored financial strategies for companies in the tech space, to manage their growth and profitability plans, oversee their cash flows, and guide their capital-raising and M&A efforts. 

Our wealth of experience advising leaders of e-Commerce, SaaS, and other innovative fields within the tech landscape allows us to help you with the distinct challenges and unique opportunities these areas present.

We offer more than just consulting services - we partner with our clients, acting as their strategic ally in pursuing financial stability, growth, and success. We believe in turning financial insights into actionable strategies, driving tangible results for your business.

Our mission is to help you accomplish yours!

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Finsights Delivers Financial Insights and Strategic Guidance to Fuel Growth

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