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Who We Serve

Finsights Delivers Financial Insights and Strategic Guidance to Fuel Growth

Strategic Finance Services

  • Financial Planning and Analysis: Designing and implementing comprehensive financial plans aligned with your business goals

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Developing detailed financial forecasts and budgets to guide strategic decision-making

  • Strategic Financial Modelling: Advanced financial modeling to turn complex data into actionable insights

  • Performance Monitoring and Profitability Analysis: Tracking financial performance against plans and objectives and identifying profitable products, services, or lines of business

  • Scenario Modeling: Projecting various scenarios to evaluate potential business outcomes

  • Trend Analysis: Analyzing financial data over time to identify trends and opportunities for growth

  • KPI Identification and Tracking: Identifying and tracking the most relevant key performance indicators and other relevant metrics for your business

  • Customer Segmentation and Unit Economics Analysis

Professional Services

Leveraging critical metrics like utilization rates and profit margins, along with insights into striking the right balance between pricing and service quality, we assist in crafting strategic financial plans that enable your firm to flourish in a competitive market landscape.


With our comprehensive knowledge of the recurring revenue model, SaaS-specific metrics and market expectations, we support you in setting your growth goals and building financial strategies that help you achieve them.


At Finsights, we understand the criticality of precise, reliable, and timely information for decision making. We provide comprehensive solutions that equip you with clear insights into portfolio company as well as potential investments' financial health and risks. 

Online Marketplaces

With multi-sided revenue streams, network effects and scaling strategies, a firm grasp of key metrics and growth dynamics is essential in crafting a clear financial strategy. We plan around the realities of your business and enable you to maximize the potential of your marketplace model.


We support digital-native and omnichannel retail leaders to define and achieve their milestones. Our comprehensive approach dives deep into supply chains, strategic marketing, inventory lifecycle management, and the effective application of dynamic pricing and user acquisition models.
Our Strategic FInance Solutions

Your Partner in Planning for Growth and Success

Transactions Support

  • Due Diligence: preparation of financial and operational information and reviewing of financial records 

  • Deal Structuring: Advising on the financial structure of transactions to maximize value and minimize risk

  • Financial Modeling: Creating financial representations of the company's operations to support strategic decision-making

  • Post-Deal Integration: Assisting with the process of integrating operations, systems, and teams after a merger or acquisition

  • Negotiation Support: Providing financial insights and analysis to support negotiation tactics

  • Valuation Services: Determining the value of a business, asset, or deal based on financial analysis

  • Transaction Execution: Guiding businesses through every stage of a transaction, from initial planning to final execution

  • Exit Strategy Planning: Advising on the development of exit strategies to optimize outcomes in the event of a business sale, merger, or succession planning

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Let's Explore How Finsights Can Help

CFO Advisory

  • Strategic Financial Leadership: Guidance on growth, profitability, investing and financing strategies

  • Accounting Oversight: Ensuring clean and accurate reporting that is in line with best practices and industry standards

  • Operational Efficiency Advice: Streamlining financial operations to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness

  • Expansion and Growth Planning: Advising on new product and market entry, product offering expansion, customer segmentation and customer acquisition optimization

  • Capital Structure Advisory: Guiding on the best mix of debt, equity, and internal financing to support business goals

  • Stakeholder Communication: Enhancing communication with investors, board members, and other stakeholders

  • Fundraising Strategies: Identifying optimal fundraising options and supporting in structuring, negotiations and execution of the capital raising process.

Financial Modeling and Valuations

  • Three-Statement Forecasting Models: Developing dynamic financial forecasts to provide a complete overview of your financial performance and guide strategic decision-making

  • Business Valuations: Modeling financial data to determine a business's value in various scenarios, such as M&A, fundraising, or strategic planning
  • Scenario Analysis: Building models to evaluate the financial implications of various business scenarios

  • Investment Appraisals: Building financial models to evaluate potential investments.

  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Creating detailed cash flow projections to manage liquidity and plan for future needs

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